Election Day is Coming Soon

Early voting begins July 13 and ends on July 28 in Coffee County with Election Day is set for August 2.
Manchester’s City election features three aldermen seats and three city school board seats up for grabs.
For Alderman: Tammie K Fuller, Terence B Hillsman, Marilyn Howard, Mark Messick, Bill Nickels, Donny Parsley and James Threet.
Manchester City School Board: Lisa Lovelady Gregory, C. Travis Hillis, James “Jim “Lemmons and Prater Powell.
In county elections: Mayor: (R) Gary Cordell, (D) David Pennington and (I) Tim Brown
Sheriff: (D) Stephen Graves, (R) Chad Partin
County Clerk: (D) Teresa Henegar McFadden, (R) Jenna Amacher
Register of Deeds: (D) Teresa Wright and (R) Donna Toney
County Trustee: (R) John Marchesoni, (D) Robin Dunn
Road Superintendent: (D) Ronnie Dale Watts and (R) Benton Bartlett
Coffee County School Board: The only contested race is Pat Barton versus Steve Jernigan for District 3.
Coffee County commissioners
D1: (D) Nilesh Patel, (R) Helen Debellis
D2: (D) Dan Fleenor, (R) Steven Jones and (I) Jimmy Hollandsworth
D3: (D) Paul Thornton, (R) Todd Crockett
D4: (D) Lee Ellard, (R) Joey Hobbs
D5: (R) Bill Judkins and (I) Bobby Bryan
D6: (D) Pat Carr, (R) Dennis Hunt
D7: (R) Paul Gish and (I) Margaret Cunningham
D8: (R) Emily Powers Howes
D9: (I) David Orrick
D10: (D) Harley Meyers, (R) Scarlett Taylor
D11: (D) Barry E. West, (R) Jim Fielding
D12: (R) Ashley Kraft and (I) Timothy Morris
D13: Michael Lex Ray (I)
D14: (D) Missy Davis Deford
D15: (D) Clifton T. Campbell, (R) Dwight A. Miller
D16: (R) Tim Stubblefield and (I) Marian Galbraith
D17: (D) Jimmy Bradford, (R) Tildon J. Stubblefield
D18: (D) David E. Clark, (R) Barbara S. Buckner
D19: (D) Jackie A. Duncan
D20: (D) Rosemary Crabtree
D21: (D) Gwen Carr, (R) Charles Lynn Sebourn