Coffee County High School Receives Grant

Education Commissioner Candice McQueen has announced that 88 school districts and one postsecondary institution in Tennessee have received a total of $2.2 million through the Perkins Reserve Consolidated Grant. This new grant application for the 2018-19 school year combines funding streams from the Perkins Reserve Grant, the department’s New Skills for Youth (NSFY) grant, and the Experienced Professionals in the Classroom (EPIC) project to support the implementation of high-quality career pathways for Tennessee students. For the first time, districts could complete one application to be considered for these multiple grant opportunities.
Coffee County High School received $10,700 from the Perkins Reserve Consolidated Grant aimed at helping students attain certification.
The grant is to be used on state approved certifications, in particular Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 10 certifications in agriculture, health science, and manufacturing.
Richard Skipper is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director at Coffee County High School. He said that last year he wrote a grant for equipment upgrades and received $46,000.