Aggravated Burglary leads to Arrests

Theodore James Judkins… Photos provided by the CCSD

Two men were arrested Monday (Jan. 9) after a young girl reported that she heard a loud noise at the back door at her home in Hillsboro.
According to a report by Coffee County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy David, the girl saw her brother, Theodore James Judkins, 21 of Little Mountain Road, Hillsboro trying to pry the door open. She told him that he was not supposed to be at the residence. She told the officer that Judkins then went to a sliding glass door and while at the door she says she saw another individual, who was later identified as Christopher Ryan Wellman, 26, of Anthony Mill Road, Tullahoma.
She told the officer that Judkins told her that he was getting his gun. He took the gun and nine other firearms, some 2,000 rounds of ammunition and a safe with $600 in cash.

Christopher Ryan Wellman

Later in the day the two men were arrested by sheriff’s department investigators.
Judkins was charged with aggravated burglary, theft of property and vandalism. His bond was set at $61,000.
Wellman was charged with aggravated burglary, unlawfully carrying or possessing a weapon and theft of property. His bond was set at $110,000.
Both men are set to appear in court Feb. 6.