2/17/17-H&R Block Student of the Week Ethan Hargrove

Congratulations to Student of the Week -Ethan Hargrove!!! Ethan, the son of Brent and Emily Hargrove, is a fifth grade student at Hickerson Elementary School. Ethan was chosen to be honored because he is very respectful to everyone, students and teachers. He is very involved in all school activities, and he is very responsible and intelligent. Ethan rides horses. Ethan has a dream to be a professional bull rider when he grows up, and then an auctioneer. He says that he loves the math world and can do a lot of math in his head, which is what auctioneers do. Rosalyn Partin, owner of the Manchester H&R Block, has been inspired to recognize great kids in our community all through hockey season. What does hockey season have to do with our local students? Well, H&R Block gives each Student of the Week a set of Nashville Predators Hockey tickets, a commemorative plaque, as well as a special letter of recognition. Ethan says that he plans to take his Mom to the hockey game! Check back here every Friday for H&R Block’s next Student of the Week award!
Pictured with Ethan is Rosalyn Partin of H & R Block, Jimmy Anderson, Principal of Hickerson Elementary School and fifth grade teacher Erica Patterson.