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County receives less Money from Bonnaroo

Photo: (OTAPHotos/Flickr)

Photo: (OTAPHotos/Flickr)

Over the past 15 years Bonnaroo has given back to Coffee County in many ways including the county receiving money off of ticket sales.
$3 is collected from tickets and a $30,000 flat fee. The amount received has averaged around $250,000 per year until this year. Normally Bonnaroo sells around 80,000 tickets. The past June organizers only sold 43,870 tickets for the 2016 event. The total from the ticket sales and the $30,000 flat fee amounted to just $161,611.
County officials say despite getting some $92,000 less, the county is in good financial shape because of the fund balance for this fiscal year is $2 million, which is reported to be much better than some years in the past.
Bonnaroo is set to return to Coffee County in June of 2017.

“September is National Preparedness Month”

TEMA 2“September is National Preparedness Month.”  The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, Tennessee Association of Broadcasters and WMSR are reminding you how important it is to be ready for disasters and emergencies. Take some time to prepare an emergency kit for your home, office, and vehicle, and have an emergency plan so you and your family are ready.  Visit for information on how to prepare, plan and be informed.”
The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters, and its members, will conduct a statewide test of the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to deliver a voluntary Emergency Alert System (EAS) message and a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) at 2:30 p.m. CDT/3:30 p.m. EDT, on Thur., Sept. 1, 2016. A National Test is planned for Wednesday, September 28, 2016, with more information to be released later.

Don’t Miss the Bus: Tennesseans Organize for Better Public Transit

Groups like the Memphis Bus Riders Union want to make sure Tennessee policymakers prioritize funding and availability of public transit. (5demayo/morguefile)

Groups like the Memphis Bus Riders Union want to make sure Tennessee policymakers prioritize funding and availability of public transit. (5demayo/morguefile)

The number of people taking public transit in Tennessee is on the rise, according to the Tennessee Public Transportation Association and citizen groups are beginning to organize to make sure their city maintains and improves its local bus service. The Memphis Bus Riders Union met with the area Amalgamated Transit Union Local 713 to discuss how cuts to bus service and route consolidation are affecting their communities.
Justin Davis, secretary for the Memphis Bus Riders Union said it’s time for the entire region to recognize the importance of public transit.
“Transit is definitely a big issue in the South,” he said. “The South spends the least on public transit out of any region in the country, so we’ve been in contact with some other riders’ advocacy groups throughout the South.”
Davis said Nashville bus riders are also looking to organize to advocate for better transit in that city. He said one concern is that cutting bus routes and services has a disproportionate impact on economically-depressed neighborhoods and minority residents.
But some cities are recognizing the benefits of public transit. Johnson City now has a real-time passenger information system that people can access on their mobile devices. Chattanooga, Clarksville, Cookeville and Murfreesboro all have recently expanded their services. Davis said public transit benefits more than just people without cars.
“Transit has so many potential benefits that a lot of policymakers don’t really see, and I think that’s just part of our job,” he added. “Representing riders is getting that message out there, making sure that people understand just how important transit really is, especially when we have so many cars on the road.”
In 2012, the most recent data available, 35 million trips were taken on public transportation in the Volunteer State, with riders traveling more than 51 million miles that year alone.

High School Football

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Male and Female Facing Multiple Charges after Theft Items are found

Some of the alleged stolen items that were recovered.

Some of the alleged stolen items that were recovered.

On Wednesday (August 17, 2016) Coffee County sheriff’s department personnel were looking for two suspects wanted for a string of burglaries, thefts, and forgeries. The duo were reported to be in a red van.
Wednesday morning Investigator James Sherrill received a call from Investigator Jason Dendy saying that one of subjects was at a Manchester business. By the time authorities arrived they were advised that the subject had left. A search of the area was conducted with no luck finding the vehicle they were in.
Around 1:00 pm Sherrill and Deputy Brandon Reed were traveling on Hillsboro Hwy and observed the subjects in the red/maroon van turn onto N. Woodland Street in Manchester, traveling toward the Woodbury Hwy. The vehicle then turned onto Monogaurd Dr where Sherrill initiated his emergency lights. The vehicle pulled over to the side of the roadway, where a felony stop was conducted. Upon approaching the driver’s side door Sherrill noticed an AR rifle by the passenger and Deputy Reed advising that he also had seen the rifle. Both subjects were extracted from the vehicle and placed into custody. Upon just looking in the vehicle in plain view, sheriff department personnel observed items from a burglary at 7161 Hillsboro Hwy that occurred the previous night. Sherrill said he recognized the items after speaking with one of the complainants on the phone and Deputy Jeremy David coming to the traffic stop with a list of the items.
Jamie Leann Brazelton age 37 of South C St. Hillsboro and David Binkley Cash age 30 of Chestnut Court Winchester were transported to the Coffee County Jail.
A hold was also placed for Bedford County due to burglaries that have occurred there.

More items recovered

More items recovered

Investigator Dendy, Investigator Kerry Farrar, and Deputy Reed unloaded the van and contacted victims that they could identify to come pick up their items. Most of the items stolen from the Hillsboro Hwy burglary were still in the vehicle.
Both were charged with; conspiracy to commit, burglary of a motor vehicle and theft of property. Bonds were set at $55,000 each. Cash is set to appear in court August 25 and Brazelton is to appear September 15. Other charges will be forthcoming pending grand jury indictments.
Coffee County investigators collected more items from an undisclosed location in Hillsboro on Thursday. These items could possibly link the two individuals to other thefts.

Charges against a former Tullahoma Substitute Teacher Dismissed

Tullahoma City SchoolsCharges against a substitute teacher accused of slapping a student have been dismissed.
Jennifer D. Huskey, 35 of Crestwood Drive, Tullahoma was charged last April with child abuse or neglect in connection to an alleged incident at Bel Aire School. Huskey was accused of “back handing” a student in the mouth.
The warrant alleges that when she allegedly struck the child she caused his lip to bleed. He claimed that she refused to allow him to leave the room. The boy claimed that he was looking for his paper on the teacher’s desk when the alleged incident occurred.
According to Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott, last week the charges was dismissed. After hearing evidence presented in the case he determined that there was not enough evidence to send the case forward to the Coffee County Grand Jury.
Huskey had been removed from the list of substitute teachers by the school system after her arrest. Tullahoma Director of Schools Dr. Dan Lawson stated Thursday that the system has not seen an application from her to teach. He added, “We will consider all applicants and assign them as we see fit.”

More Black Bears Spotted

Black Bear Cub is not the actual bear seen in Manchester this summer.

Black Bear Cub is not the actual bear seen in Manchester this summer.

If you have not yet seen a bear in the Midstate, it might not be long before you do.
That’s the message the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is sending concerning the growing population of black bears in Tennessee.
Bears, which were nearly wiped out in Tennessee by the early 1970s, have been thriving in the eastern part of the state over the last three decades and are now moving toward Middle Tennessee.
The TWRA estimates there currently are about 6,000 black bears in the state.
A total of 557 bears were harvested in Tennessee in 2015. A total of 41 bears have been killed in Midstate counties Pickett, Cumberland and Fentress over the last two years.
Bears were spotted in Coffee, Grundy and DeKalb counties earlier this summer.
Black bears are not nearly as aggressive as some other bears such as browns or grizzlies and predatory attacks are rare.
They can, however, be a nuisance for residents if they find a food source close to a home.

First National Bank of Manchester sponsoring Recharging Station at the Library

(L-R) First National Bank's Brad Davenport, Librarian and Brent Parsley

(L-R) First National Bank’s Brad Goodwin, Polly Vaughn Librarian and Bank Community President Brent Parsley


First National Bank of Manchester is sponsoring something new at the Manchester Public Library, a recharging station. Bank Community President Brent Parsley says they thought this would be a great convenience for people in a hurry that need to recharge their phone and not have access to charger otherwise. This will also help children that are out and about get a quick recharge and visit the library.
Library personnel thanked the bank for their support. They added that charging stations are fast becoming a needed service in this digital world and they are thankful the service is now being provided.

Woman Charged with Theft and trying to enter Drugs into Jail

handcuffsA Tullahoma East Grundy Street resident was arrested for theft of items at Express Workout located on North Jackson Street.
According to a report by Tullahoma Police Officer Cody Brandon, Heather Michelle Jones, 44, was charged with theft of property over $500 and vandalism of stolen property.
Jones is accused of taking a Samsung Tablet and a Bose speaker system from Melony Hoots. According to the police report, the speakers were recovered as was the tablet but it had sustained damage to the glass display.
Jones was booked into the Coffee County Jail under a $7,500 bond. While she was being booked into the jail she was found to be in possession of nine Suboxone strips. The drugs were found in her shoe and hidden on her body.
An additional bond was set at $20,500 for introduction of contraband to a penal institution.
Jones is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court Sept. 1.

Tullahoma Police Investigating local store Theft

Tullahoma Police CarTullahoma Police are investigating the theft of a large quantity of cigarettes from a business on South Jackson Street.
According to a report by Officer Carl Pyrdom, around 4 a.m. Aug. 9 police answered a burglar alarm at South Jackson Discount Tobacco. The police report states that the officer noticed that the drive through window had been pushed from the window frame. After talking with the store owner Jay Kalidas Patel, it was determined that $2,229.81 of cigarettes and cigars were taken from the store, as well as $549 worth of Tennessee Lottery tickets.
Video surveillance showed three white males wearing masks, gloves and dark clothing forcing their way into the store and taking items from the shelves inside the store.
Detective Johnny Gore is investigating the theft. If you have information that could help in this investigation, call (931) 455-0530.

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