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Fire at Winchester’s Universal Linen Service Plant

Emergency crews including the Winchester Fire Department were called to 1280 Baxter Lane at 9 p.m. on Jan. 17 to a fire that had occurred at the Universal Linen Service plant. According to Winchester Fire Chief Gary Greeson, firefighters were at the scene until 2:30 a.m. Thursday. The fire chief stated that the plant was heavily damaged on the inside. No one was injured in the fire.
The cause of the fire was not immediately known but an investigation is underway.

TVA sets “11th Highest Winter Peak in TVA History.”

With some areas having outside temperatures of near zero, TVA saw near-record winter energy use Wednesday morning as millions of customers sought to ward off the sub-freezing cold that’s blanketing the South.
Peak power demand for the giant utility registered at 31,640 megawatts at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Average temperatures at the time were about 12 degrees.
TVA termed it the “11th highest winter peak in TVA history.”

Coffee/Grundy County U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency Elects Officers

Coffee/Grundy County U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director Charla Brannon announced that County Committee elections are over and the ballots have been counted.
Baisel Hockett of Beechgrove was elected to represent local administrative area (LAA) #3 and Robert Wiser of Manchester will serve as the first alternate.
Jerry Walling of Tracy City was elected to represent local administrative area (LAA) #4 and Janice White of Pelham will serve as the first alternate.
Nearly 7,800 FSA County Committee members serve FSA offices nationwide. Each committee has 3 to 11 elected members who serve three-year terms of office.
For more information, visit the FSA website at or contact the Coffee/Grundy County FSA office at 931-728-2472.

H&R Block Student of the Week

Congratulations to Student of the Week -Keira McFarlane!!! Keira, the daughter of Josh & Michelle Bare and Keith McFarlane & Andrea Pickney, is a fifth grader at Westwood Elementary school.
Keira was nominated because she has a pleasant attitude, does her assignments and exhibits the school’s FISH philosophy every day. Keira is a cheerleader for the Westwood Eagles. Keira also plays forward for Camp Forrest Soccer on the Lady Fury team. Keira likes science and math. When Keira is not at school, she enjoys playing with her step-sisters and step-brother. Keira likes helping animals and would someday like to be some sort of wild-life-ologist! Rosalyn Partin, owner of the Manchester H&R Block, has been inspired to recognize great kids in our community all through hockey season. What does hockey season have to do with our local students? Well, H&R Block gives each Student of the Week a set of Nashville Predators Hockey tickets, a commemorative plaque, as well as a special letter of recognition.
Pictured with Keira is Rosalyn Partin of H & R Block, and Keira’s teachers Mae Anne Hale and Amy Knight.


JANUARY 23, 2018
4:30 P.M.


Pursuant to a call by Mayor Lonnie Norman, there will be a special called Board Meeting on January 23 at 4:30 p.m. for the following resolutions and ordinances:


a. 2nd reading of an ordinance to amend Title 9 of the Manchester Municipal Code to add a new chapter titled “Mobile Food Units” and Manchester Municipal Code Relative to zoning for “Mobile Food Units”; sponsored by Vice Mayor French.

b. 1st reading of an ordinance to incorporate the provisions of T.C.A. 55-8-207 as a City Ordinance; sponsored by Vice Mayor French.


a.1st reading of a resolution authorizing the application for and acceptance of a Tennessee Department of Transportation Special Litter Grant 2017 – 2020; sponsored by Alderman Lana Sain.

Suspicious Theft– Newspapers Stolen from Walmart

Manchester Times newspaper Publisher Josh Peterson contacted WMSR News to tell us about an unusual story of theft. Peterson said he received information about several copies of the Manchester Times being stolen from Walmart. The publisher said he believes around 200 copies of the paper were taken from the store. He added, that the theft was caught on video and at least two male subjects were involved. The alleged thieves left in Jeep with apparently Warren County tags.
Peterson also said it was suspicious that someone would steal this week’s edition.
The paper plans to work with police to capture the thieves and see that they are prosecuted.
Peterson told us the following, click below:

Armed Robbery in Shelbyville

Brandon Mitchell

On Tuesday (January 16, 2018) at 6:01am the Shelbyville Police Department responded to a call of an armed robbery at the T and M Market located at 430 Depot Street.
Video surveillance was reviewed by investigators which showed an armed individual lying in wait on the clerk who arrived to open the store. As the clerk entered the store the armed suspect forced the clerk inside and demanded she open the cash register. The clerk was then made to lie on the ground as the suspect fled on foot.
Investigators developed information that Brandon Mitchell as a suspect and executed a search warrant at his residence.
Mitchell has been charged with Aggravated Robbery and is in the Bedford County jail on a $50,000 bond.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Crashes Vehicle–Hits Gas Line

Cannon Co. Deputy’s SUV involved in crash… Photo provided by the Sheriff’s Dept.

A Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy was involved in a wreck near West Side School on Wednesday morning. The crash caused the vehicle to hit a natural gas line.
Around 300 natural gas residents in the Bradyville and Readyville area were without gas service Wednesday morning.
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas worked throughout the day to repair the damage. Once repairs were complete they had to relight each individual pilot light.

More Work Needed on Tennessee Rape Kits

An audit suggests that Tennessee lawmakers require updates on the 9,000-plus rape kits statewide, including almost 7,000 in Memphis, that were awaiting testing in July 2014.
The state comptroller’s audit says a 2014 law required a report on rape kits not sent to a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation lab or other lab, but didn’t require updates, expedited testing or mandatory turnaround times.
TBI spokeswoman Susan Niland says New York district attorney grants helped send 6,900 Memphis kits to independent labs, with 2,900 remaining at labs.
Niland says other grants sent almost 1,300 kits from elsewhere to independent labs. Kits need to return to the TBI to review results.
Additionally, the audit says TBI didn’t retain some documentation in the 2014 inventory, so auditors couldn’t evaluate whether TBI precisely reported the backlog.

State wants to Increase Teacher Preparation Program Outcomes

Dr Candice McQueen

Tennessee education officials plan to increase teacher preparation program outcomes across the state.
The Tennessean reports the promise follows the launch of a Tennessee Board of Education database detailing how many of the state’s preparation programs aren’t meeting expected quality standards. Tennessee Higher Education Commission Executive Director Mike Krause said on Tuesday the state can do better.
State Education Commissioner Candice McQueen says improvement plans include increased communication about state expectations to college presidents, connecting professors more closely to schools and state standard resources and a statewide school tour meant to introduce high-achieving, young students to the education profession.
In addition, the state has launched increased accountability measures, including annual reviews of program outcomes, and held expectation meetings with state college presidents.

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