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High School Football

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Juvenile Who Killed The Bobcat Will Appear In Court–He Had Nothing To Do With The Hanging


We have an update on the dead bobcat that was discovered at the football practice field at Tullahoma High on Tuesday. The Tullahoma students who discovered the bobcat hanging from the goalpost reported to their teacher and the animal was removed by Tullahoma Animal Control.
After an investigation a male student at Coffee County High School has been summoned to Coffee County juvenile court for the killing of the bobcat out of season, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.
The juvenile will face a possible fine and court costs.
According to Tim Hancock local agent with the TWRA, the student who killed the bobcat DID NOT hang it from the goalpost.
According to the TWRA website, the season for hunting and trapping bobcats is Nov. 21 through Feb. 28.

Fight At The Coffee Co. Jail Leads To An Attempted Murder Charge

jail handcuffsAn inmate in the Coffee County Jail was charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder of another inmate.
According to Sgt. Danny Ferrell of the sheriff’s department, Cae Aguilera has been charged with attempted murder after a fight with another inmate in the jail.
On Wednesday Oct. 29 Aguilera got into a fight with inmate Michael Brown. Brown suffered a broken wrist, had a heart attack and was transported to Medical Center of Manchester. He then went into a coma and was transferred to Centennial Hospital in Nashville where he is being treated.
Brown was in jail for possession of schedule II drugs. Aguilera was being held in jail on charges of resisting arrest, the selling of a controlled substance and violation of probation.
Bond for the attempted murder for Aguilera was set at $75,000 and he is scheduled to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court Nov. 17.

Four People Hurt In Manchester Crash

Emergency crews working the accident on Wednesday in Manchester... Photos by Barry West

Emergency crews working the accident on Wednesday in Manchester… Photos by Barry West

Manchester Police was called to the scene of a four vehicle accident on Wednesday night. The crash occurred at the Hwy 41/55 intersection. Two small pick-ups were in the turning lane going from 41 to 55 when a car pulled into turning lane and officials say it appears the person driving did not break in time. This caused a chain reaction wreck with the car, two trucks and a van that was next to car in another lane of traffic.
wreck 10-29-14 BManchester Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene and aided Coffee County EMS to load 4 patients to be taken to a medical facility. Two other people refused treatment. The driver of the car was taken to helipad at Medical Center of Manchester and flown to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. According to emergency personnel the others that were injured suffered from back/neck pain and dizziness.

Audit Finds Big Problems In Grundy County

grundy_countyAn audit by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury says there are still problems in Grundy County.
The annual audit resulted in 14 findings, 10 of which were also identified in last year’s audit report.
The highway superintendent’s office and the director of schools’ office were once again the source of numerous deficiencies and weaknesses, according to a news release from the State Comptroller.
Problems noted in the audit included non-compliant purchasing procedures in several departments, inadequate segregation of financial duties, poor record-keeping and failure to follow policies.
Grundy County created an Audit Committee in May of 2013, however there were no minutes to document that this committee has ever met or conducted any business.

MTSU Poll Shows Close Vote Coming On Amendment 1

MTSU3A close vote may be in store for Tennessee’s proposed constitutional amendment on abortion, according to the latest statewide MTSU Poll.
The amendment, known as Amendment 1, would specify that Tennessee’s constitution does not include a right to an abortion. The recent poll of 600 registered voters, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points, showed the following:
• 39 percent — for
• 32 percent — against
• 15 percent — undecided
• 8 percent — won’t/didn’t vote
• 6 percent — no answer
This poll was conducted Oct. 22-26 by professional interviewers with Issues & Answers Network Inc. The poll completed 600 telephone surveys among a random sample of adult Tennessee registered voters using a mix of 80 percent landline and 20 percent cell phones.
To pass, all amendments must have 50 percent plus one vote of the total number of votes cast in the governor’s race to be counted. This is required by the state constitution. (Information from WGNS Radio)

It’s Time To “Fall Back”

clockIt’s time to “fall back” again. At 2 a.m. Sunday, you’ll have to turn your clock back one hour, because it’s the end of daylight saving time.
It’s also time to change smoke alarm batteries. Local fire departments remind you to change batteries at least twice a year. You also need to test these alarms and reminding others to do the same are some of the simplest, most effective ways to reduce tragic deaths and injuries.
Working smoke alarms can increase your chances of surviving a fire by up to 50%. And don’t forget the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarms!
Like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms also wear out. They need to be replaced according to manufacturer instructions about every 7 years.
Tullahoma and Manchester fire departments offer free smoke alarms to its residents. People living inside the city limits of either can contact their department for more information.

Important Voting Information

vote4Yesterday early voting ended and now if you plan on casting a ballot you’ll need to head to the polls on Tuesday (Nov. 4). We have information concerning the voters in District 20, that’s the Coffee County Senior Citizens Center, in Tullahoma.
The Senior Citizens building has a flooding issue and will not be available for voting on Tuesday. The Coffee County election commission is trying to get the word out to all those voters that they should go to DW Wilson Center, 510 N. Collins St. (just across the street) to vote on Election Day.
Early voting numbers show nearly 5,000 people voted early in Coffee County.

Dead Bobcat Found Hanging From Goalpost At Tullahoma’s Practice Field–UPDATE

This is an actual photo taken before the Bobcat was taken down.

This is an actual photo taken before the Bobcat was taken down.

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 a dead Bobcat was discovered at the football practice field at Tullahoma High. That field was in use on Monday and no irregularities were noticed. The students who discovered the Bobcat reported to their teacher and the Bobcat was removed from the goalpost. THS officials reported the incident to the Tullahoma Police Department and the dead animal was removed from the property by Tullahoma Animal Control.
Local authorities and officials with Coffee County High School and Tullahoma High School are investigating this issue.
Dr Dan Lawson Director of Tullahoma Schools says, “This despicable act does not represent the leadership, citizenry or the vast majority of students at Coffee County High School and Tullahoma High School.” Lawson added, “We are friends, neighbors, relatives and at time fierce competitors, but that fierce competition leaves no room for cruelty to animals.” Lawson says, “Nearly every student in Tullahoma and Manchester is disgusted that any innocent animal is used as an object lesson and all are hopeful that our competition is safe, fair and fun!”
Dr Joey Vaughn, Principal of Coffee County High School said in a written statement to WMSR, “The rivalry between Coffee County Central High School and Tullahoma High School has a storied tradition with mutual respect from both sides.” Vaughn added, “There have been various events throughout these years, but this week someone took a high school rivalry and took it too far. The actions of a few do not represent this community as a whole.” Vaughn said, “At this time we do not know who committed this callous act or what their involvement with the rivalry is, but there is no place in our community or this world for these types of actions.” Dr Vaughn wrapped up his statement by saying, “The rivalry will continue on the football field this Friday night and we ask that our community remember that we have outstanding young people representing both great high schools.”
Dr LaDonna McFall Director of Schools for Coffee County says, “It stuns and saddens me to think that someone committed an act of such cruelty in the name of a high school rivalry. We are actively investigating this situation and the perpetrator(s) will be dealt with appropriately.” McFall urges the community to not judge our student body as a whole based on this heinous act of a few. McFall added, “We have caring respectful students that do not condone this type of behavior.”
The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency website says that Bobcat hunting and trapping seasons are only open between Nov. 21 and Feb. 28.
We’ll have more information as this story develops.

Shelbyville Man Arrested After Fight Breaks Out Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

McCleish Christmas "Mac" Benham.. Photo from Airport Police

McCleish Christmas “Mac” Benham.. Photo from Airport Police

We learned from our friends at the Shelbyville Times Gazette that a Shelbyville man faces charges after a brawl at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Thursday.
McCleish Christmas “Mac” Benham, 27, is charged with public intoxication and simple assault.
Benham allegedly kicked a man in the groin and hit him in the head with his fist before three to five passengers subdued him, according to a Dallas police report. He continued to struggle with officers while being arrested, an airport police officer said in his report.
According to a DFW Airport police officer, Benham argued with an American Airlines gate agent over flight arrangements, telling her he’d consumed “100 drinks.”
Dallas police say, Benham allegedly made a verbal slur toward a man who told him to calm down because police were on the way, then struck him twice, also threatening another man standing nearby.

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