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Running Stop Sign leads to Tullahoma’s Man’s Arrest

Jeffery Trace Magouirk jail intake photo provided by the CCSD.

Jeffery Trace Magouirk of Tullahoma was arrested recently on drug charges after police allegedly found drugs in his vehicle.
Magouirk, 27, of Creighton Place was stopped on April 12 for allegedly running a stop sign by Tullahoma Police Officer Brooke Earhart.
As the officer approached the vehicle she allegedly smelled the strong smell of marijuana, Cpl. Tommy Elliott arrived and also stated that he smelled marijuana.
Officers searched the vehicle and allegedly located inside the center console a set of digital scales, an Ibuprofen bottle containing two small plastic bags with white powder residue and a bag with clear crystal residue. There was also a bottle containing a crystal substance, one Xanax bar and an Alprazolam pill located in the console as well. According to a police report, officers also found two clear burned glass tube pipes with drug residue.
The report states that officers found small pieces of marijuana “scattered” in the front air vents. They state that there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the ventilation system of the vehicle. The officers allegedly found a bag containing a green plastic bag containing 22 grams of marijuana and several empty bags. They found a string that had apparently been tied to an object in the passenger side air vent that had allegedly been used to store “narcotics.”
Police also located $1,696.28 which they allege was from drug sells. The money was seized as was the vehicle that Magouirk was driving.
Magouirk was charged with possession of schedule II, possession of schedule IV, manufacture/delivery/sell of a controlled substance and running a stop sign. He was booked into the Coffee County Jail on the charges under a bond of $7,500 and he is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court on May 3. He was released after making bond.
Coffee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustan Foster and Tennessee State Trooper Randy Euler assisted in the investigation.

Major Changes to TNReady

The Tennessee Legislature says the TNReady test scores will not count against students and teachers this year.
Test scores will only count if they benefit students, teachers and their districts.
The scores will not count if there is no benefit.
The decision was made after three days of testing that began with what the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) says was a deliberate attack on the computer system, which kept students from logging in to take the test.

State Senator Janice Bowling to Receive National Award

State Senator Janice Bowling

State Senator Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) is set to receive a national award from the Coalition for Local Internet Choice (CLIC) for her efforts to accelerate the deployment of advanced communications networks throughout Tennessee. Bowling has been chosen to receive the group’s “2018 State Champion Award.”
“Through your outstanding and tireless work on behalf of the communities, businesses, institutions, and residents of Tennessee, you have richly earned our award and the honor and respect that goes with it,” said CLIC Project Director Catharine Rice in a letter to Bowling.
CLIC established the award to honor individuals and organizations for extraordinary contributions to the preservation and protection of local decision-making in critical broadband infrastructure matters. The group has invited Bowling to attend their annual CLIC Day in Austin, Texas on April 30 where the award will be presented.
“I am very honored to receive this award,” said Sen. Bowling. “I will continue working on behalf of Tennesseans in pursuit of regulatory freedom for high speed broadband, the essential infrastructure of the 21st Century.”

IRS Changes how they deal with Taxpayers Who Owe Money

The IRS recently changed the way it deals with taxpayers who owe money to the government. And they are worried scammers will take advantage of the change.
The IRS is now allowing third party agencies to collect unpaid debts. But only four contractors are approved. They are CBE Group, Con-Serve, Performant and Pioneer.
If you owe money to the IRS, you can expect to get a phone call from an IRS agent before they turn your debt over to a collection agency.
Collection agency workers should never ask you to send money over the phone.
If you believe you’ve received a call from a scammer, call police, then file a report with the IRS.

H&R Block Student of the Week

Congratulations to Student of the Week -Liam Brown!!! Liam, the son of Audra and Mark Brown, is a fifth grader at North Coffee Elementary School.
Liam was nominated because “he is a great role model, keeps up his grades (even though he does extra-curricular activities) and is always on time” says 5th Grade Teacher, Mr. Matt Vinson. Liam’s favorite subject is science. Liam plans to one day be a scientist and says that he likes to study microscopic things. Liam was the stage manager for North Coffee’s production of the play, Shrek. Liam participates in the LEGO league and plays basketball for the North Coffee Chargers. Rosalyn Partin, owner of the Manchester H&R Block, has been inspired to recognize great kids in our community all through hockey season. What does hockey season have to do with our local students? Well, H&R Block gives each Student of the Week a set of Nashville Predators Hockey tickets, a commemorative plaque, as well as a special letter of recognition.
Pictured with Liam is Rosalyn Partin of H & R Block, school counselor, Elizabeth Price and Mrs. Brandy Vinson, 5th Grade Teacher at North Coffee Elementary School.

Sleeping on another Person’s Couch puts man in Jail

Cory James Smith intake photo provided by the CCSD.

Residents of a West Volney Street home reported to Tullahoma Police that they had found an individual asleep on their couch.
On April 17 around 2 a.m. the residents reported to Officer Tommy Elliott that they went into the living room and found a man identified as Cory Michael Smith, 29, of South Franklin Street asleep on their couch. The residents told the officer that when they went to bed they left their front door open and unlocked. They said the only thing missing was a cell phone.
Officer Elliott awakened Smith and that he did not know where he was. Smith was placed into custody and searched. The officer found in Smith’s front pocket 11 Xanax and one Adderall pill. Also found in Smith’s back pocket was the missing cell phone.
The officer found on the front porch of the residence a pill bottle and one black glove. The officer allegedly found three grams of marijuana in the bottle. According to Elliott’s report, even though Smith stated that the drugs were not his, the glove found on the porch matched one he had on his hand.
Smith was transported to the Coffee County Jail and charged with aggravated burglary, possession of schedule II, possession of schedule IV and possession of marijuana. He was booked into the jail under bond of $17,000. He is scheduled to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court July 12.

Man Found Lying in Pool of Blood on Tullahoma Street

A Tullahoma man was found lying in the middle of East Grundy Street April 13. There was a pool of blood around his head.
According to a report by Tullahoma Police Officer Tyler Walls, Terry Lynn Ashley, 45, of Flowertown Road was transported to Tullahoma Airport and placed in a Lifeflight helicopter and flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment.
A witness told the officer that they observed Ashley and another man walking down the street when they got into an altercation. The unnamed assailant shoved Ashley to the ground and kicked him in the face and the back of the head. The witness provided the officer with a possible name of the assailant, but it was not released by Police.
Ashley’s condition was not released.
Detective Rana Pawlowski is investigating the incident.

Cascade High School Student Charged with making Threat School

At approximately noon Tuesday afternoon, members of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Division were contacted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Fusion Center about an alleged threat they became aware of. The alleged threat was made online by a juvenile who, after some investigation was identified as a student at Cascade High School. The information, which came from another state, involved the juvenile allegedly threatening to bring a gun to school for the purpose of perpetrating violence upon the school. The threat was allegedly made online in a gaming chat. After an investigation was conducted by Bedford County Sheriff’s Office detectives and the Student Resource Officer at Cascade High School, they charged the juvenile for making a threat of violence against the school. The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Fusion Center and the Bedford County School System for assisting them during the investigation.

Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen says she will Not Resign

Dr Candice McQueen

On Wednesday, the Government Operations and Joint House Education Committees questioned Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen if she will resign, citing the numerous issues with the statewide testing during her time in office.
McQueen responded saying she does not plan to resign. She said the commission plans to continue to move forward and work with Questar on TNReady.
This comes after there were issues on the vendor’s end on Monday and Tuesday. The vendor, Questar and their program didn’t allow most students to login to take the test and kept others from being able to save their tests.
Questar reported the program was ‘hacked’, but the Department of Education said on Tuesday that Questar was doing what it could to make sure the system wouldn’t be compromised again, and that the system shut down was done to keep student data from being stolen.

New Bill Bans Spanking Disabled Children in Tennessee Schools without Parents Permission

The Tennessee Legislature has passed a bill that bans the spanking of disabled children at public schools.
The bill passed in the Senate Tuesday by a vote of 28-0. It cleared the House earlier this month.
If signed into law, the measure would bar school officials from using corporal punishment on kids with disabilities, unless their parents give written approval.
A report released last month by the state comptroller’s office found that disabled children in Tennessee schools were getting spanked at a higher rate than other children in recent years.
Earlier this month, the state Legislature passed a bill that would require public schools in Tennessee to report to the state Department of Education on their use of corporal punishment.

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